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Fillet Boning Knife Fishing Knife 5-9 inch Kitchen Knives for Meat Cleaver Stainless Steel Salty Water resistant Blade

Fillet Boning Knife Fishing Knife 5-9 inch Kitchen Knives for Meat Cleaver Stainless Steel Salty Water resistant Blade

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ideal for 2: Fish fillet knife

ideal for 2: Meat cleaver knife

ideal for 1: filleting and deboning

Type: Knives

Size:: 5/6/7/8inch

Sharp Blade: YES

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Stainless Steel

Knife Type: Boning Knives

Handle Length: 14.5cm

Feature 2: Sharp Stainless-Steel Non-Stick Coating Blade

Feature 1: Professional fish Knives

Feature: Stocked

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Brand Name: MYVIT

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Blade Length: 22cm

Blade Angle: ≤60°

Fishing Fillet Knife, Professional Bait Knives for Filleting Fish and Boning Meat

1. Sharp 5Cr13 Stainless-Steel Blades,

2. Applicable for fresh & salt water

3.The 5”5 inches Bait Knife

4. Available in cutting baits, filleting fish of all size & other meats

5.Non-slip and ergonomically designed handles

Three models are offered(5",6",7",8"&9"blade lengths), The 5” Bait knife is versatile with a fixed-blade that is stiff and strong and great for the outdoors. It has a serrated top edge that makes cutting frozen bait or wood quick and easy. Its design also allows for fish scale removal. The razor-sharp leading edge allows the fisherman to easily prepare both chunk and cut style baits.

The 7” & 9” stainless curved blades have the perfect flexibility so the knife will follow natural contours for perfect fillets, is also an awesome ideal for thinner or more delicate cuts of meat such as fish or chicken. The Razor sharp blades will make sure to get all the meat off the bone.

Every fillet knife and bait knife feature a lightweight and slip resistant handle that is comfortable and slip resistant both wet and dry. These comfortable handles make fish processing and bait preparation quick and simple and are up to 50% lighter than some comparative handles.

These ULTRA professional level knives will provide years of service and will quickly become your favorite tool for filleting fish, boning meet and processing any food. the sharp Stainless-Steel fish fillet knife and bait knife blades have a beautiful black corrosion resistant finish that is razor sharp, durability, rust resistance, and exceptionally tough.

 Each knife includes a light-weight and durable sheath to protect your blade and provide a safe storage option for your knife. The unique design of the sheath will lock the handle in for safety but removes easily when needed. The open slots in the sheath are design to allow water to drain easily so that your knives stay dry and sharp.

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